BYM Online Community Launched

I spent the first weeks of 2008 working on several flash tools for the german BYM Online Community. The most challenging part was building the papervision-flavored room configurator. It allows the users to create, design and share their own rooms.

The application consists of one flash module which is fed by various xml definitions to determine the room type (e.g. kitchen, room), its architecture and initial state, available object catalogs and user-specific items. Users can either choose of common furniture in the catalogs or upload their own wallpapers and posters.

Apart from the huge configuration madness, the tough part was definitely the 3d-transform tool, which allows you to set posters in 3d space on walls and floors and still being able to scale, rotate and drag them around the room, while providing the same look&feel you’re used to with 2d objects.
The free-text tool inherits that functionality and enables you to apply the same transformations on rasterized textfields.

Click here to join.


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