Baby Dice (In Review)

The idea behind Baby Dice originated over 2 years ago. There was this idea of a game of dice which lets the user find baby names in a playful experience. My coworker and I sat together working out the interaction design and we created a rough prototype in flash. Months passed and there were few approaches where we tried to give this little idea a platform, but it just didn’t work out.
I almost forgot about it until I got my first iPhone three months ago and realized that this is the chance to gain more experience with mobile development. This is where it became obvious that Baby Dice on the iPhone would be a perfect start: It’s relatively simple to code and fun to use. As it turned out, the development and distribution process was way harder than expected, but it was worth every second.

These days Baby Dice is already in review and will hopefully enter the AppStore soon. I’ll post more details about the gameplay and development process after the app has been approved.

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