Latest Surface Project Showcased at IAA

This year I had the pleasure to spend most of my time working on extraordinary projects so far – each one with a different focus and unique challenges.  Since there was lots of research and secrecy involved I’m relieved there is at least one project which made it to a public release.
We’ve been working together with Realtime Technology AG to create an outstanding car configurator which was showcased at IAA 2009.

Read more about the project in my article on Emerging Experiences.


[...] to port the Audi Surface Application over to a 46″ Multi-Touch Display. As shown in our last video, the original configuration process on Surface featured a physical token, which obviously [...] » Blog Archive » Audi 3d Configurator on 46″ Multi-Touch Display added these pithy words on Nov 07 09 at 7:01 pm
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