Baby Dice available on AppStore

I’m relieved the review phase didn’t come up with any unpleasant surprises and Baby Dice is finally ready for sale. This is certainly not the kind of app that will make me rich, but I’m confident there are some people out there who will like the original idea and concept behind Baby Dice.
The next days I’ll try to come up with a roadmap for the next releases. The most important features still missing include a way to manage your favourite names, a history (undo) and e-mail / tell-a-friend functionality. If sales are good enough, I might also switch to a commercial baby name database to improve the results and provide more information about the names. This is supposed to be a long-term project with periodical updates.
As promised I’m going to write an article about my thoughts and experiences regarding the development process soon. If you have any additional ideas or feature requests let me know.
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