Baby Dice 2.0 is out and looks lovely

The original version of Baby Dice was my first attempt on the iPhone. Considered as a kind of playground app, there was a lot to learn about how to get the development part right and how to handle all the AppStore related bits.
While I was pleased that this turned out well, I wasn’t 100% happy with the app itself. Especially the visual design and the limited support for sharing was lagging behind the original idea. But at the time it was important to get it into the store no matter what. We’re not talking about the money making part here, it was just so terribly exciting to have it there and think about the opportunities.
Now after a full year and a few minor enhancements we finally had the time to work on a major update. A fresh new design and a bunch of sharing features were on top of our priorities list.

While there are still many things left to be improved, I now feel that this is the level of quality we were always shooting for right from the outset. It’s smooth, colorful and fun to use. Thanks to all the refactoring work done in the 2.0 process, an iPad version is already around the corner and being able to share baby names across social networks is only a matter of time. Unfortunately time is a very limited resource right now, but it won’t be another 12 months until we can see some progress here.

In the meantime find more details about the project here and make sure to check out Baby Dice on the AppStore.

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